On Time, On Budget, and Always Creative

New Construction

As a full service landscaping company, new construction is where it often begins. We provide top quality design, installation, renovation, and maintenance for all landscape projects.

Water Features

We are well known for our creative water features. Whether your outdoor area is large or small, there's nothing like adding water for that special relaxing oasis feeling.

Decorative Rock

Southern Utah is known for it's beautiful rock formations. We take the same thought and feel, and create remarkable vistas in your backyard.

Sod / Trees / Shrubs

Healthy greenery adds life and softness to our yards. We specialize in the design, installation, care, and maintenance of the best trees, shrubs, sod, and plants for Southern Utah.


Proper irrigation is at the core of importance for many landscape projects. We'll make sure you have the right design, flow, and timing to ensure strong and healthy plants without any water waste.